Automotive Door And Sunroof Glass Washing Machine

Short Description:

The type of glass washing machine is for washing small bent glass.

It comes with brushes and high pressure spraying bars.

Main function is to remove glass powder, dust, finger print, pressure mark, water mark etc, dry thoroughly to get glass ready for printing, coating or packing.

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Process Route
Glass input---HP washing---Brushing(4 pairs)---DI Spray---Air drying(4 pairs)---Glass output.

Main Parameters
Max glass size: 1300×900 mm
Min glass size: 400×300mm
Working width: 1300mm
Glass thickness: 1.6-6mm
Glass Flow: Cross feed/Wind down
Main curvature: 30mm
Cross curvature: 15mm
Conveying speed: 3-10m/min 
Drying speed: 8m/min

Main Functions
Remove stains, no watermark, ready for silk printing.

Main Features
Conveying system is driven by V belts with press roller on the top.
Glass Flow as follow: Convex/ Wing down
Conveyor belt is made of high quality belt and suitable for curved glass. If it is broken, no need to replace whole belt, only to change the broken part. It is convenient. Tightness of belt needs to be adjusted after replacement.
The brush of lower brush shaft is convex, close to a common glass radian shape (provided by users) 
The brush of upper brush shaft is cylinder-shaped
There is no brush hair at the intersection of each brush shaft and belt for easy pass of belt. The parts without hair between two groups of brushes are staggered from each other to make sure fully washing on the whole surface of glass.
Each group air knife includes: 1 middle air knife +1 left-side air knife + 1 right-side air knife.
Each middle air knife can be independently adjusted up and down manually
Each side air knife adjustment goes with middle air knife height adjustment. It can also be adjusted up and down, according to middle air knife
 All air knives are made of stainless steel 304.
 Fan blower is placed in the sound proof chamber, and around the chamber there is noise-proof sponge.
There are 2 filters in the air inlet, pre-filter and bag filter. The accuracy of pre-filter is F5, bag filter is F7.

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