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This type of glass washing machine is usually used for home appliance glass after edging machine and before tempering machine or printing.
Main function is to remove glass powder and others, no watermark and no water on glass edge, ready for tempering or printing.

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GCM800 Standard (Before Printing)
Glass input---Pre-spray(1 pair)---brushing(3 pair)---air knife(3 pair)---DI water spray---Glass output.

Main Parameters
Working width: 800mm.
Glass Thickness: 3-8mm.
Min Glass: 300x700mm.
Drying speed: 3-7m/min.

Main Functions
Remove dust and others, ready for silk printing.

Main Features
The frame is welded by SUS304 or carbon steel with top-grade auto paint.
Safety covers are equipped on both sides of the equipment, which are made of SUS304.
Parts in direct contact with water are made of SUS 304.
Sensors are installed at the infeed and exit section. Fan frequency can be adjusted according to glass enters or exits to achieve energy saving effect.
The roller is covered by NBR or EPDM, the shaft ends of rollers are made of SUS304.
Conveying motor is driven by a frequency inverter.
 Pre-spray section is provided to get rid of glass powder and cullets as much as possible before enter main washing section
There is a sensor in the input and output section, if there is any glass detected, fan runs in low frequency mode and pumps stop to save energy.
 Main washing section  several pairs of brushes depending on the washing speed required.
The shaft of the brush is made of stainless steel 304.
Brush hair is made of Nylon66, diameter is 0.25mm.
The transmission belt of the brush is Fenner belt (USA). Once broken, no need to change whole belt, but the broken piece.
Water from the nozzle is fan-shaped, which can cover the surface of glasses fully. This will provide uniform wetting of glass surface to guarantee consistent impingement pressure along surface of glass.
DI spray section for final rinsing before drying.
Air knives’ arrangement allows an optimum drying performance.
The air knife is made of SUS304.
There is stainless screen on top of water tank to collect glass chips.
Each washing sub-section has its own water tank with pump and 2 filters (one is at the bottom before entering pump and one is in the pump)
Water heaters are provided and water temperature is controlled between 30˚C -60˚C.The adjustment and control of water temperature are on the cabinet.
Sound enclosure box with good sound-proof effect.
There are 2 filters in the inlet air, pre-filter and pocket filter. Theefficiency of the pre-filter is F5. The efficiency of the pocket filter is F7.
Differential pressure switch is equipped to detect if air filter system is blocked or not. When pressure difference reaches to certain level, the alarm is activated to remind operator to clean or replace the air filter.
The fan is provided with an Inverter so that the fan can be effectively started, and energy-saving function can be achieved (optional).
Two control modes: auto mode and manual mode.

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