Exhibition review


◆ exhibition review
The last exhibition covered an area of 50,000 square meters, attracting more than 600 enterprises from all over the world, and 27,837 visitors from 81 countries and regions. After the exhibition, the organizing committee made a survey on the exhibitors' information, which showed that 87% of the exhibitors were satisfied with the exhibition effect, 82% of the exhibitors showed strong interest in participating in the next exhibition, and 78% of the exhibitors thought that compared with other exhibitions, the exhibition had greater advantages. According to the survey of audience information, 82% of the audience expressed their willingness to recommend the exhibition to business partners or colleagues, 76% of the audience expressed their willingness to visit the exhibition in 2020. We firmly believe that the next exhibition will be better and better through the joint efforts of exhibitors and organizations.

◆ industry event
In the next few years, the prospect of China's glass industry is relatively optimistic, and as a professional material, glass is gradually expanding its application in all walks of life. Changing needs and advanced technology have opened the door to the interactive use of glass, which is no longer just a traditional decorative and packaging use. At the same time, the economic recovery in China and other Asian countries has increased the demand for glass in related industries. At present, China's construction, industry, automobile, electronics and other industries with large demand for glass are developing rapidly, and the development momentum is expected to be maintained for a long time. At the same time, China's glass deep processing industry is also developing rapidly, and the demand for high-quality glass is gradually increasing. Therefore, the glass industry must strengthen communication, deepen the understanding of the strong strength of China's glass industry, so that enterprises can have a clear understanding of the development trend of the industry and guide the development direction.

2020 China (Shanghai) international glass industry exhibition is intelligent manufacturing show its thematic exhibition projects, will showcase the latest products in glass industry and application and technology, for enterprises to establish brand image, promote trade cooperation, market development, leading the industry trend, strengthen the production, research and development, sales, interactive, in-depth insight into the fresh air to glass market future development at home and abroad, with the development of the future vision mining glass new demand of the market, innovation exhibition connotation, all-round, multi-level organize professional audiences, to enterprises and the customers provide a technical exchanges the best platform, product display and trade negotiation.

Will be held during the same period "international exchanges of glass technology seminar" and so on many technical seminars and activities, inviting domestic and foreign experts and their representatives to interact, discuss industry trends, share their experience of achievements, at the appointed time, welcome the domestic and foreign glass enterprises and related industry to visit and exchange.

◆ reasons for participation
※ scale advantage, get to know new dealers and buyers: provide strong guarantee for the actual exhibition effect of exhibitors. This exhibition is expected to attract more than 30,000 visitors, adopt a strong global investment promotion model, will integrate the database of previous exhibitions, focus on inviting glass industry users to visit and negotiate.

※ seamless connection, inviting domestic and foreign businessmen: there are advertising signs in the exhibition hall, subway station and hotel, and more than 1000 foreign language professionals will be arranged to directly introduce professional purchasers involved in the field of the exhibition to negotiate the purchase.

※ expand the market and consolidate the existing market share: once a year, we can enjoy online and offline comprehensive publicity, including websites, magazines, newspapers, mobile newspapers, weibo, WeChat and other new media, and we can enjoy multiple surprises in one exhibition. Keep abreast of the latest market developments, share and interact with each other, set up one-to-one trade matching meeting, invite purchasing leaders from online and offline glass industry, and invite visitors from more than 50 countries and regions around the world, arrange one-to-one meeting and negotiation, which is the best way to improve your product sales.

◆ hundreds of media tracked the whole process and reported
Very pay attention to the exhibition for exhibitors corporate brand shaping and promotion, by inviting the central media and mainstream financial media, large portal, industry media and foreign media to all-round, multi-angle, three-dimensional reports of exhibitors, maximize the popularization of the latest products and technologies to the global buyers, create unlimited business opportunities for exhibitors! This exhibition will invite live coverage of CCTV, xinhua, China business news, China securities journal, securities times, ifeng.com, sohu, netease, sina, tencent and other media over 100 industries.

Post time: Jun-03-2019